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Where are Riverside’s collections made?

Our collections are made by hand in our home region of Western Pennsylvania, with the exception of the Elements Collection. These products are created by hand in a studio located in beautiful Thailand that specializes in sustainable practices for products and the well-being of their employees, community, and surrounding communities. Regardless of which studio, we have the same goal in mind. We believe in the goodness of people, in giving back and paying it forward.


What kind of recycled glass do you use?   

Riverside designs are made from post-industrial/pre-consumer recycled glass, not from post-consumer bottles or materials that populate our recycling bins at home. We recycle our very own scraps after we cut a shape and add them to other industrial scraps that come from partner businesses. These bits and pieces are used to create new sheets of glass that will become more Riverside plates. Our Elements collection is made from 100% recycled window glass. The best thing about glass is that it’s endlessly recyclable. We believe in leaving our planet better than we found it. That’s why we try and reuse as much as possible to minimize our impact while we are on it. Recycling what we can and only making as much as we need. Small businesses can do great things.


Is your product food safe?

Riverside designs are 100% food safe. Our glass and colors are lead and cadmium free, and meet all guidelines set forth by the FDA.


How do I care for my Riverside plates? Can they go in the microwave or dishwasher?

Unless otherwise noted, Riverside designs are dishwasher safe and microwave safe for gentle heating. As microwave and dishwasher temperatures vary greatly, our recommendation is that you not ‘shock’ any glass. It is never happy when the temperature changes drastically and quickly. You can warm plates before a meal or gently heat food in the microwave., and I can personally attest to the Rhonda Collection’s ability to defrost a pork loin. A good rule of thumb: heat food to a temperature that you could easily enjoy immediately.

Our plates and bowls can be cleaned by your dishwasher. But generously sized platters may be safer if washed by hand, or far out of reach of the dishwasher’s rotating spray arm. If you live in an area with particularly hard water, a rinse agent in your dishwasher is helpful.


Are your plates durable?

While glass is thought to be a notoriously fragile material, our pieces are more resilient than assumed. Thanks to the thick 3/16” glass used in the majority of our collections and the aptly named “Double Strength” glass that is used for our Plates With Purpose™. High kiln temperatures and the gradual cooling process anneal and stabilize our newborn plates and make them ready to find their place in the world.


What are Plates With Purpose?

Plates With Purpose™ is a program started by Riverside to benefit local and national charities. We designed plates that reflect a few vital, non-profit organizations that are close to our hearts and we donate 15% of our proceeds directly to those organizations. Please check out our Plates With Purpose™ collection for details about the causes, the organizations and the story behind the symbolism.


Can you customize plates?

We do offer design services and customized plates ranging from museum reproductions, hotel amenity, restaurant dining, dream projects, and engraved awards. Our standard dinnerware can be made in custom colors or we could even put your logo or custom design on a plate. In order to produce a custom run, a minimum of 100 plates needs to be made. If you are interested in a smaller quantity, many people have used our Plates with Purpose™ or Architect Series as contemporary backdrops for engraving. If you would like to get more information on these offerings, please contact our Creative Director, Cassandra Ott.


Can I register for Riverside designs for an upcoming wedding?

Yes!  Many of our retailers provide registry services, so start by checking to see if there are retailers in your area. If there are no retailers in your area, contact us and we can direct you to one of our retailers that specialize in bridal registry and ship anywhere in the country.

Information for retailers...

I am a retailer interested in carrying your lines, how do I go about placing an opening order?

To request wholesale information,  please fill out the contact us form and we will send it to you. You can place your order by calling our toll free number 866-672-1555, and our Customer Success specialists would be happy to help you put together an order or make recommendations based on other lines and products you carry.  We can certainly help you create an order. Whether you are a furniture store looking to accessorize or a tabletop store looking for something completely different, many of our pieces mix well with the more traditional dinnerware you may already carry for a fresh, eclectic setting. We would be happy to assist you in choosing the products that will work to suit your needs and the needs of your customers.


How do you ship?  

We ship FedEx or UPS, depending on quickest delivery time and lowest price. For larger orders, freight shipping is available.  We can invoice you for shipping, or use your shipping account number.  


What is your delivery time?

We do our best to keep an open inventory of products so they are available when you need them. If we are out of stock on an item our maximum lead time is 6-8 weeks.


Oh no, there seems to be an issue with my order or package, what should I do?  

If you have not received your order, or if there were any pieces that arrived broken please call us immediately so we can rectify the situation. We may request images of the condition of the package and its casualties to try and deduce what transpired. Customer success is a priority at Riverside and we would like to ensure you are happy with your order. 866-672-1555


Information for caterers...

Do you have special discounts for caterers, restaurants, hotels, etc.?

We sell our dinnerware at wholesale prices to the hospitality industry. Volume discounts apply to orders of 500 units or more dependent on the color or shape of the piece. To inquire about specific pieces contact us or please call 866-672-1555.