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We love sustainable design and good food.

We work with small studios to bring you unique products that are equal parts function and art. Each piece we create is designed to be timeless and durable, which means that you get beautiful dishes and entertaining pieces that you can feel good about using.

We are passionate about American made product and manufacturing pieces with environmentally friendly processes and materials. We focus on glass, which is 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without loss in quality or purity. While glass can be fragile, our products are user-friendly and made to withstand all the dinner parties you can muster. We want you to be able to use our pieces for years, and then hand them down to your children or adoring fans.

Riverside Design Group was founded in 1996 with the intent of servicing museum gift shops and helping to revitalize the amazing glass manufacturing industry in this region. Our Pittsburgh based business services hotels, restaurants, boutiques, caterers, home and gift boutiques with fine, handcrafted tableware and specialty products. We operate out of a building that was once part of Westinghouse Electric Corporation’s manufacturing operations. We are proud to call this recycled piece of Pittsburgh's industrial history home. We are also committed to using recyclable and sustainable materials including recycled glass, glass with recycled content, and using light-weight recycled shipping materials to keep our carbon footprint low. We work closely with our production studios to ensure the quality and artistry of all of our products.

As an added part of our commitment to community service and support, we developed Plates With Purpose™, a line of plates that raises funds to support vital non-profit community organizations. 

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